A Pleasant Surprise on the Rails: Weekend in Review

October 15, 2012EventsNeighborhoodsNews & Media

Most New Yorkers know that since Wednesday evening and all weekend, the Yankees have come home to play against the Orioles. What many do not know or never paid attention to is that the MTA ran their Lo-V (or “Low-Voltage”) museum fleet to carry eager fans up to Yankee Stadium for the games.

The fleet, which ran from 1917 to 1969, consists of four vintage trains that ran on the IRT lines. They have been restored to their (almost) original splendor and run on special occasions. The cars have run on July 1 of this year for an excursion in Brooklyn along the 2/3 lines, stopping at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. They also ran for opening ay at the stadium, and you may also recall them running for the Boardwalk Empire promotion all of last September.

Though it was posted all week on the MTA website, most people never paid it much attention, accept for possibly railfans or history buffs. Having said that, the stares, perplexed, and baffled expressions are definitely one of the highlights of taking a trip on one of these trains. Some New Yorkers have simply gotten used to theses beauties running during the play-offs and World Series (and for good reason, as the Yankees have quite the record) that they are unfazed. Others approach the train crew to ask if these are “real” and if they can ride them.

Sadly, you may not get another chance this year to ride them to Yankee Stadium this year if they don’t beat out Detroit. However, if you like history and transportation, you can still get your fix at New York Transit Museum or ride the R1/9s on their annual Nostalgia Shoppers Special, which will run during the holiday season.

Me with the Lo-V laid up on the center track at Yankee Stadium. Photo by Mark J. Wolodarsky

Photos by Shannon Lee Gilstad



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